Established in 2013, Tahiti Tamure is the only professional Tahitian dance school that you will find in the entire state of Florida. “Tamure" or traditional Tahitian dance, is a unique art form that portrays our cultural values and lifestyles through Tahiti’s heart pounding beats and breathtaking movements. Here at Tahiti Tamure, we are dedicated to the instruction and education of Tahitian dance, music and folklore.


    We at Tahiti Tamure are devoted to promoting awareness and appreciation of Tahitian music and dance throughout the state of Florida and ultimately the Eastern United States.
    Express our unique character through cultural performances by creatively inspiring and encouraging the full potential of our students.

    Enliven the beauty and majesty of Polynesia by creating an authentic yet innovative luau experience. Broadening the pursuit of Polynesian entertainment by fusing modern concepts of production and performance with our rich cultural heritage.


The growth of Tamure, also known as Ori Tahiti, has already begun to spread throughout the Pacific ring, already impacting not only the Polynesian triangle but, also areas such as the West Coast of the United States, Japan and Mexico. Tahiti Tamure, being located in Orlando, Florida has sparked the passion of Tahitian dance and drumming in an area that has for generations utilized our culture for commercial profit. We aim to change this attitude by incorporating our unique character and spirit into an already exciting art form. Therefore, spreading the excitement of Tamure into the Eastern United States.

our MARK

Originated and directed by husband and wife, Ikona and Gilda Pescaia, Tahiti Tamure has been founded on humble beginnings and passionate beliefs. We have a talented team of instructors and choreographers that have a combined 80 years of cultural performance experience. We are located in South Orlando near the major theme parks. Through competition and performance we have already established ourselves as an elite Pupu O Tahiti, or Tahitian dance group, here in Florida. At Hoike Orlando 2014 and 2015, Florida’s largest organized Polynesian competition, we’ve placed 1st in both adult and youth group categories. A number of our hard working students placed in solo competitions across the globe. With our fresh music and styles, we’ve been requested to perform for many established political and cultural events throughout the state of Florida. We also offer professional luau entertainment services. Hilton, Disney, the City Of Kissimmee, University of North Florida, and the Orlando Predators has been some of our more prestigious clients.

Founders / Directors
“Growing up in Laie, culture wasn’t a choice or an accomplishment, it was our life.”      
We both met while performing in the Tahitian village at the Polynesian Cultural Center. An alluring drummer-dancer love story. It has been both our dream and passion to organize a Tahitian group and have been very blessed with Tahiti Tamure’s upbringings.
    Gilda is our Oro Metua or Leader / Visionary. She is responsible for the development of our groups dance standards.
    Ikona, also a leader and visionary figure, is our lead musician / drummer and creator of Tahiti Tamure’s signature sound. Stemming from the musically renowned family Mariteragi, he has been brought up with a rich appreciation of the Tahitian culture (whether he liked it or not). Raised in Laie, Hawaii, he developed his talent for music at a very young age, performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center since the age of 8 and winning multiple ukulele competitions in his teen years. He later branched out to perform for many groups. Though mainly family and community organized groups, some more distinguished names include, Nonosina, Manutahi and Tetuaoteragi. In 2002, he and Gilda moved to Orlando, FL where he obtained an Associates of Science in the Recording Arts Degree from Full Sail University and later performed professionally at Sea World’s Makahiki Luau, Royal Pacific’s Wantilan Luau and Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Luau Show. ​​

vaihere swider
Executive Administrator
Vaihere is an essential part of what keeps Tahiti Tamure in sync. With her organizational skills and supportive nature, she has proven to be the source of Tahiti Tamure's cohesiveness. 
Born and raised on the beautiful island of Tahiti she did not grow up dancing like many of her friends as she was the only girl in a family of seven. Her brothers were avid surfers and boogie boarders so there was no time for dance, just long sun soaked afternoons on the beautiful beaches near her home in Mahina. Vaihere always loved listening to the to’ere beats and dreamed to one day be a Tahitian dancer like many of her friends. It was later on, in her young adult years that given the opportunity to start learning more about dancing and her rich cultural heritage. In 1999 Vaihere left Tahiti and moved to Laie, Hawaii where she perfected her love of dance by working in the Tahitian Village at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Together with Ikona and Gilda it was there that the beginning roots of Tahiti Tamure started to flourish.

Lead Choreographer / Cultural Specialist
hansen simi paialii, as he is more commonly known by, is the vibrant drive of Tahiti Tamure. With his vast knowledge and experience in Polynesian CULTURE AND entertainment- his innovative styles have helped propel Tahiti Tamure’s professional luau services to the top of Florida’s entertainment demands.

Born into an extensive family of Polynesian Entertainers, Hansen Paialii...or Simi, began his career as a child dancing at the prestigious Polynesian Cultural Center of Laie, HI. Touring throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, along with most of the Polynesian Triangle  Simi has performed and instructed for various groups such as Tupulaga, Nonosina, Tamali'i's, Tihati Productions, Te Vai Ura Nui, Kalena's, Tuika's Island Magic, A Touch of Paradise, Disney's Spirit of Aloha Luau, Netane Entertainment and many others! He has also competed in many Tahitian Competitions under various groups such as Heiva I Honolulu, San Jose Tahiti Fete, Heiva I Las Vegas and so forth. Under the guidance of many teachers from his home of Laie, his love for his Polynesian heritage is evident in his passion to teach and perpetuate the knowledge passed to him. Now a resident of Orlando, FL, Simi continues to perfect his craft as an instructor and cultural specialist of Tahiti tamure.

        HO'OMEA WAHI KAHI KE KAO'O-Mary Kawena Pukui.

tylon buendia
Male Line Captain / Choreographer
Tylon is the prodigy of Tahiti Tamure. Though realizing his exceptional potential later in life, he in a short time has proved to be one of the top Tahitian male soloists in the country..